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Vintage French Round Fabric Armchair



Our reproductions of vintage French dining chairs display the elegant restraint emblematic of neoclassicism. Defined by linear form, tapering fluted columnar legs and scooped arms, the chairs have been updated in hand-carved oak with a soft, weathered finish.

Our reproductions of vintage French dining chairs display the elegant restraint emblematic of neoclassicism. Defined by linear form, tapering fluted columnar legs and scooped arms, the chairs have been updated in hand-carved oak with a soft, weathered finish.

Features a linear form, nuanced carving and scrollwork, and tapering columnar legs
Hand-carved oak frame and hand-turned legs
Generously padded seat
Available in distressed white oak, burnt oak, brown oak drifted, black oak drifted or weathered oak drifted finishes
Overall: 23"W x 24"D x 40"H
Seat: 20"H
Arm: 29"H
Weight: 37 lbs.

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