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Interior Design Consultation:
An Interior design fee is charged for site visits and consultation, this is charged per room or a fixed fee is tailored for a project/ whole house. However if the room/project is fully contracted to decorumlifestyle products, the fee then gets deducted from the final payment. For any further information please write to us on the contact us page.

A Labour of Love
Our in house upholsterer caters for various types of design coverings, with having been personally trained by our designer, and over 18 years his work rings true to the art. Great care and detail is taken in the process of each furniture piece and every customised finish is unique.

With over 20 years of experience, our in house carpenter has mastered and wielded the art of his field making each piece exclusive.

Paint Finishes:
Our designer has a variety of samples of paint finishes that caters to your personalised colour scheme enhancing the furniture piece in relation to the room. Please note that this is solely applicable to decorumlifestyle pieces.

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